Words from Clients

“After talking with the tax purchaser’s attorney, I felt scared and afraid.   Ms. Salyer and Ms. Moressi   provided immediate relief and correct information that was to my benefit and not the tax purchaser’s.”


“Superb!! Excellent work ethic and very determined attorneys. Successfully restored our mineral interest rights within 5 months after being substituted in as attorneys on the case, a case that had been going on for three years.”

--Matthew Wilson

“Someone came to my house and told me they owned my property.  I immediately contacted Salyer Law and was advised that no order directing the issuance of a tax deed, or tax deed, had issued.  The attorneys at Salyer Law resolved the tax deed proceeding in less than 30 days and provided me time to pay the outstanding delinquent tax years.”


“Always responsive, answered my calls and kept me apprised on every step of the litigation.”

--Sheila J.

“Salyer Law saved my business by blocking the tax purchaser’s right to a tax deed by pointing out the tax purchaser’s mistakes.  I was able to keep my property, sell the property, pay the property taxes, and keep the hard-earned equity that I had worked for over the years.”

--Gaston R.

“Flat out the best attorneys I ever needed.”

--Smokey A.

“A tax purchaser demanded $10,000 over the amount of the delinquent taxes owed.  I contacted Salyer Law and learned that I was able to move to pay my property taxes after Salyer Law filed objections to the tax purchaser’s petition. I was able to avoid losing both my property and the additional $10,000 to the tax purchaser.”

--Zelda N.

“I went to court at the Daley Center and the judge handed me a list of attorneys who practice in the Property Tax Code.  Ms. Salyer was the only woman on the list so I picked her.  She is also the only attorney on the list who does not represent tax purchasers in Cook County.   She successfully stopped the tax purchaser from contacting me and the court denied the tax purchaser’s tax deed proceeding.”

--Tenika W.

“I lost four vacant lots on the south side to tax deed.  Turns out, no tax deed was ever issued.  I retained Salyer Law who then filed objections to the tax purchaser’s petition and application for a tax deed.  The tax purchaser responded by filing a motion for a sale in error.  After the tax purchaser was given its money back, the taxes opened up and I was able to pay the years incrementally to avoid another tax sale.”

--Brenda K.

“Great Attorney.  Ms. Salyer demonstrated professionalism and personal attention to all of the details of my defenses to a tax deed proceeding pending on my deceased mother’s property.  My phone was ringing off the hook from calls of stranger persons talking about an “Indemnity Fund.”  After I met with Ms. Salyer, I learned the tax purchaser had not complied with the law and was not entitled to a tax deed.  It was simple and efficient and she walked me through choices and legal options.”

Kelly C.

“Professional.  Extremely satisfied with results.   Fair price for incredible legal service.  Salyer Law does what they say they are going to do.”

Dave Galendak

“I was never given notice of the tax deed proceeding or tax deed.  After the tax deed grantee demanded possession of my condominium unit, I retained Salyer Law.  Salyer Law was successful in winning my 2-1401 petition and vacating the order for tax deed.  There are no words that could ever convey how afraid and shameful I felt learning a tax deed had issued on my condominium.  From the beginning, Ms. Salyer and Ms. Moressi   were there for me, explained the law in detail and made sure I understood the law and litigation requirements.  I am so grateful to have title to my condominium restored.”

--Eliza H.

“I received a notice stating my taxes were sold and that court was on a date certain at the Daley Center.  I went to court and received a list of attorneys to call.  The first two calls I made were not answered.  Ms. Salyer answered directly, set an appointment with me, and treated me with respect.  She made sure I understood the law and my legal options.  Ultimately, the option I picked resulted in me keeping my home and being able to pay the taxes over a period of time instead of all at once.”

--Gloria N.

“I am very satisfied with my lawyer, Ms. Moressi.  She was well informed and smart.  She was also helpful and kind.  I would recommend her!

--Julie P.

“We are impressed with Ms. Salyer’s ability to handle the opposing counsel in my case.  We went to court on at least three occasions and watched Ms. Salyer maintain professionalism while the opposing counsel seemed intent on making personal attacks on her.  She won our case and saved our property from tax deed.  It was an excellent all-around experience and we highly recommend Ms. Salyer.  She kept our legal needs her top priority.”

--Marcus and Shantel W.

“I was referred to Salyer Law from a friend who works for a title company.  I retained the attorneys to defend me in a tax deed proceeding in Cook County, Illinois.  The opposing counsel seemed more intent on finding out why I picked Salyer Law than defending the petition for tax deed.  I won my objections and was able to pay the taxes and keep my property.”

--Dimitros S.