About Salyer Law Offices

Salyer Law Offices provides significant experience and has established a track record of success in complex property tax litigation and tax deed matters.

Our Firm

Established in 2008, Salyer Law Offices is a distinctive law firm serving a diverse group of clients who seek legal representation and advisory services in connection with real estate, property taxation, tax sales, tax deeds, oil and gas rights and real estate issues.

Who We Represent

Our clients span the entire state of Illinois and mostly consist of:

  • Property Owners
  • Banks, Loan Servicers, Mortgage Lenders, Finance Companies
  • Title Companies
  • Owners/Lessees of Mineral Rights
  • Municipalities

Additionally, Salyer Law Offices is proud to participate in LegalShield, a nationwide network of attorneys providing affordable legal services to families in need. Visit the LegalShield website for more information.

What Makes Salyer Law Offices Different?

As a boutique law firm who defends against savvy niche tax lien purchasers, Salyer Law is able to assist you in specific and technical areas of law. That means our Illinois attorneys provide you with knowledge and extensive experience in resolving your legal issues, all while keeping your cost/benefit on the radar.

We do not pretend to be a “jack-of-all-trades” law firm who claims it can adequately represent both property tax lien investors and homeowners at the same time. Rather, we believe we are at our best by avoiding conflict issues and solely focusing on defending clients against the property tax lien investors who are moving to take title to the client’s property.

We supplement our extensive knowledge and experience with hard work and dedication to each property tax legal issue faced. We’re committed to the client on every level. We take time to meet in person as often as possible and keep clients apprised of every development in their case.

Further, we invest in technology and resources to make case management more efficient and client-friendly. The legal world is quickly evolving, and we will continue to make strategic investments in technology that enable us to maintain the high-quality service you deserve.

Offering Free Initial Consultations

Salyer Law Offices offers a 30-minute, no-cost consultation to all prospective clients. To learn more about our practice, our team or how we can be of service to you, we welcome you to reach out.