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Salyer Law Offices maintains a strong property tax litigation practice geared toward helping homeowners, lenders and title companies understand and protect their property interests. We also represent municipal acquisitions of no-cash bid certificates of purchase and represent municipalities in acquiring tax deeds.

We’re committed to helping our clients achieve positive outcomes, even when the opponent is a sophisticated tax lien/deed purchaser, hedge-fund investor, developer, or Cook County. We’re known for our strategic approach and aggressive advocacy.

Disputes Related to Taxation

Many clients come to us because title to their property is under threat or their property ownership has been divested through issuance of a tax deed. Often for property tax-related reasons, homeowners, banks and lenders contact Salyer Law Offices for help.

We are one of the few law firms in Cook County, Illinois that concentrate on blocking or vacating orders directing the issuance of a tax deed. Most of the attorneys in this field of practice are tax purchasers themselves or represent powerful and wealthy companies that buy thousands of property tax liens. At Salyer Law Offices, you may be certain your interest is the only interest that matters.

Examples of issues we resolve include:

  • Orders for tax deed and resulting tax deeds
  • Tax sale redemption and property tax payment
  • Property and escrow tax payment management
  • Indemnity fund proceedings

Powerful Representation in Contested Tax Deed Proceedings

Illinois tax lien purchasers acquire your property through payment of delinquent taxes and payment of all subsequent tax year taxes. This results in tax lien purchasers taking title to your property for pennies on the dollar.

For example, Salyer Law Offices was able to assist an Illinois homeowner in regaining title to his property involving a tax purchaser who took title through a tax deed to the property worth $760,000—all for a total property tax delinquency and cost of $5,000. This is just one of many examples of success.

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