Municipality No-Cash Bid Certificates of Purchase and Tax Deed Attorneys

Despite the steady—albeit slow—economic recovery of the last decade, many municipalities in Illinois continue dealing with the effects the recession had on everything from real estate prices to unemployment. Many locals have seen revenues drop dramatically, while items such as pensions and employee health care prices skyrocket.

Large property tax delinquencies in any given municipality often contribute to shortfalls in the municipal budgets. Municipalities acquire tax lien certificates of purchase through a no-cash bid statutory system which allows the municipality to remove the tax delinquency from its tax rolls and also take title to the property through a tax deed.

The resulting economic strain has led municipalities to participate in the no-cash bid tax lien purchasing system. Salyer Law Offices manages municipal tax lien certificate portfolios and processes the certificates of purchase to tax deed.

Our Chicago Law Firm Represents Municipalities Throughout Illinois

At Salyer Law Offices, we’re dedicated to helping municipalities navigate the choppy waters of real estate tax proceedings. We are uniquely positioned, thanks to our focus on this niche area of law, to help cities, counties and similar communities generate the revenue needed to revitalize key functions such as:

  • Education
  • Police, fire and other emergency services
  • Waste removal
  • Infrastructure maintenance

Exploring Options for Collecting Delinquent Real Estate Taxes

  • Tax lien purchases: We advise mayors and other municipal administrators on the process of obtaining title to delinquent property and successfully selling and assigning rights to that property.
  • No-cash bids: We have experience with the Cook County No Cash Bid Program and similar tools around Illinois designed to assist municipalities in acquiring tax delinquent property.
  • Negotiated sales: After the tax deed issues to the municipality, the attorneys assist in the sale of the property to third party purchasers.

Our services are fully end-to-end, meaning we are able to help municipalities all the way to the tax deed. We respect the rights of all parties and follow the proper procedures so that community officials can be confident of reaching a solid, lasting outcome.

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