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Owning Property —Salyer Law

It is supposed to be one of the best things a person in our society can achieve. It means security, stability, safety and perhaps even profitability.

The real estate world is also full of potential pitfalls. In Illinois, pitfalls are better-deemed minefields when savvy and wealthy tax purchasers vigorously move to take title to property via a tax deed. It is not uncommon for tax purchasers to shame homeowners as “tax delinquents.” In many cases, the tax purchaser is the first contact with the homeowner. Homeowners may be confused or mistaken that the tax purchaser is advocating for the homeowner—when the tax purchaser clearly is not. Homeowners need and require unbiased legal advice when confronting a tax sale or tax deed on their home or property.

A financial misstep can quickly lead to complex tax issues, a tax sale, and worse, loss of your property to a tax deed. Any delay in retaining an attorney to assist you could be costly because the timetable for Illinois tax deed proceeding is critical. In one day, your legal defenses could be stripped away. That is where Salyer Law Offices comes in. We are a law firm dedicated to helping clients protect their property interests. Working with clients throughout Illinois, we offer the diligent and comprehensive representation necessary to succeed against even the largest and most well-funded opponents.

Whether your goal is to regain title to a property or recover the fair market value of your property, you can rely on us to do everything in our power to help you achieve it.

We are on Your Side

Every year, thousands of properties are taken via tax deeds and tax sales without proper notice in Illinois. Oil and gas companies around the country have wrongfully taken billions of dollars’ worth of mineral rights from landowners over the last few decades. At Salyer Law Offices, we believe these are injustices. And we’re here to help people like you fight against them.

Our team and support staff will treat you like you are our only client. Whatever you’re facing, it becomes the most important issue we’re facing, too. We have decades of experience in all things related to:

  • Property Tax Sales and Tax Deed Litigation
  • Property Portfolio Management
  • Oil, Gas and Mineral Interests
  • Municipal No-Cash Bid Tax Deeds

Offering Free Initial Consultations

Salyer Law Offices offers a 30-minute, no-cost consultation to all prospective clients. Whether you are a homeowner worried about your property being lost to a tax deed, or municipality unsure of how to acquire and process tax deed no-cash bid certificates of purchase, we’re here to help.